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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Share Your Story and Help Others

We want to hear from you.  You are not alone on this journey and this blog is about your lives, your stories, and what you have to say is important and can be of great value to someone who may feel alone.  We can all learn from one another.  The J.A.D.E.S. group is open to anyone who has been affected by a drowning experience.  The J.A.D.E.S. blog has been created for you to find support for yourselves and for your family. 

Write down your experiences and submit your stories.  No posts will be published until they are reviewed for content, and any of your posts can be removed at your request at any time. 

If you have started a support group, a website, a foundation or a blog, please send us your links and we will post them under "Links".